buy domain and trademark

Buy domain and trademark

Once in a while, a deal comes up that is too good to be true. Right now, GoDaddy domain auctions has an exclusive listing for an eight-letter domain name that includes a trademark.
If you check out the link then leave a quick comment when the domain sells so that we can update this post.

Why is a trademark important?

Basically, the trademark guarantees that no one can do business as you or sue you for infringement. This is especially important if you have bigger plans than just a website. For example, say that you have a vision to expand your brand into a franchise. This would be very risky without a trademark.

Learning opportunity!

If you check goDaddy, you’ll see that many prepiano.??? domain names are available. The .ca (Canada) extension is only 2 or 3 dollars which seems a good deal. BUT that would most likely trigger a cease and desist letter because PREPIANO is a registered trademark.
Hopefully you begin to see the advantage of having that extra layer of exclusivity which give you freedom ad you invest time and money building your dream.

Buy and trademark for CAN $ 5194.00

buy domain and trademark

Music lessons are big business. Pre-Schooling is too and with this domain, someone can combine music and children who are still at the pre reading stage into one classroom. Best of all, if done right, the idea has huge franchise potential. Because of that, the asking price of only a little over five grand is a steal.

If the music business combined with franchising interests you then is all you need to build your empire on.

Have you ever or would you buy a domain which has a trademark? Please comment and let us know. Thank you for your time and skill.

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